TRAFIK Glossary of Titles

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Night to Day - Veretski Pass (VP)
Full Bow of Horse - VP
Roadside Wedding - VP
Sin of Sleep - VP
The Pass - VP
Seed - VP
Blatnyak – Russian mob slang
Vojvodina Parting - VP
Count Ties – to leave, count railroad ties as the train leaves. American slang

16. Red Mist - VP
17. Risen Ground - VP
18. Klyucharkier Kolomeyke and Hutzulka- dance from    Klyucharki, Ukraine. VP
19. Zbram Zbram – grandfather. klezmer loshn
20. Petyuk – small boy.klezmer loshn
21. Klisalnitse - female thief. klezmer loshn
22. Seven by Nine – inferior, crooked or common quality. American slang
23. Zekele - sack, as in sack of gold.Yiddish
24. Steshke – path or trail. Yiddish
25. Bratul, Bratanyek - Brother, Little Brother. klezmer loshn
26. Fallen Apples - VP
27. Three Wheels Czardas - VP
28. Little Snakesman - a boy thief, lithe and thin and daring, such a one as house-breakers hire for the purpose of entering a small window. 19th C. thieves cant
29. Terkhers Skotshne - beggars' dance.klezmer loshn
30. Veretskier Krokodil - Quadrille or Sher from Veretski. klezmer loshn

1. Mooncursor - a thief who uses the darkness as cover for his crime. 19th C. thieves cant
2. Zero Dark Hundred- early in the morning. 19th C. thieves cant
3. Line Jumper – a car that passes others to get in front. American slang
4. Curly Wolf Patch –“curly wolf”, a very tough guy, dangerous man. American slang
5. Dov the Cow Swimmer – Dov Ickovics learned to swim by holding the tail of the cows he brought to the Latorica River for water, in Munkacs, Ukraine. Veretski Pass (VP)
6. Noisy Dog - “noisy dog racket”; stealing brass door knockers from doors. 19th C. thieves cant
7. Grass Widow - divorcee. Cowboy slang
8. Tango Under the Influence - VP
9. Snowblind - fear of marriage at wedding upon seeing the white wedding dress.
10. Keralnik - drunk man.klezmer loshn (klezmer slang)
11. Wooden Robe – coffin. American slang
12. Radoia Waltz - waltz from Radoia, Romania. VP
13. Hora Liora – old Hasidic melody, dedicated to the memory of Annette Brodovsky. VP
14. Darkmans’ Daughter - darkmans is nighttime. 19th C. thieves cant
15. Salt Trader - VP

Glossary of Suite Titles