Cookie says, “I grew up with two parents who not only were Holocaust survivors, but provided a home steeped in Jewish European culture. I knew of my father’s escape from labor camp and my mother’s story of survival before I knew about Paul Revere’s ride...”

I have gathered the few photos we have of my parents before and after the war in Europe. Click on the photo above or see them here: PHOTOS


Click to read Lilly Segelstein’s  TESTIMONY, and on her picture below to read about an INCREDIBLE REUNION. Click on Boris Segelstein’s picture to read his MEMOIRS.

CLICK HERE FOR MOVIE: My late Uncle Morris remembers a wedding in Veretski...


The Veretski Pass (Pereval Veretski, now in Ukraine, underlined in red in the middle of the left 1/3rd of the hard to read map) is the name of the mountain pass in the Carpathians through which the emigrating Jews first settled in Transcarpathia, first reaching the town of Mukachevo, or Munkacs. It was also the first point of entry of the Magyar tribes into Europe in 896.
Cookie's father was born in Nizhniye Veretski (Nizhni Verecky) at the base of this pass, and her mother was born in Munkacs. Much of our music comes from that region. For more about Veretski, CLICK ON THE MAP


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