Veretski Pass

Recorded in Berkeley, CA and released in 2004, this eponymous first CD gave the world music scene the now recognizable Veretski Pass sound. Some of the treats in this recording include a rare Karaite song, subtle improvisations and a pyrotechnic fiddle song performed on a scordatura violin. There are original compositions, including tsimbl and accordion solos and a stunning suite of Crimean Tatar music.Click HERE for information about how to order the companion book. CLICK ON THE CD for ordering information, or visit Golden Horn Productions. Also available on Amazon and CD Baby.
  1. 1.Tyachiver Sirba

  2. 2.Solyom Pal

  3. 3.Araynfir

  4. 4.Kroilid

  5. 5.Fir Strunes Forshpil

  6. 6.Fir Strunes

  7. 7.Horowitz Geveyn

  8. 8.Hershfelds Bulgar

  9. 9.Segelstein Geveyn

  10. 10.Lid Fun dem Schvartsen Yam

  11. 11.Tatarisher Longa

  12. 12.Papir is Dokh Vays

  13. 13.Libus Nign

  14. 14. Berols Rikudl

  15. 15. Veretskier Raca

Veretski Pass

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  1. 16.Vinnitser Sher

  2. 17.Ikh Lig Hinter Grates

  3. 18. Horowitz Forshpil

  4. 19. Yosls Terkisher

  5. 20. Makonovetskiis Skotshne

  6. 21. Hutzulska Pisnia

  7. 22. Veretskier Kolomeyke

  8. 23. Pizni Vesilni Zvuky

  9. 24. Tyachiver 7:40

  10. 25. Dovha Doroha

  11. 26. Zakarpatska Kozachok

  12. 27. Hora Midor

  13. 28. Tiraspoler Bulgar

  14. 29. Fanfara Suceava

  15. 30. Stansilaver Bulgar

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*More about TRAFIK, including title sources and glossary.


Recorded live at Connecticut College,
New London, CT and released in Feb, 2008.

A true collage of Carpathian, Jewish, Rumanian and Ottoman styles, the suites contain dances from Moldavia and Bessarabia; Jewish melodies from Poland and Rumania, Hutzul wedding music from Carpathian-Ruthenia, and haunting Rembetic aires from Smyrna, seamlessly integrated with a large number of original compositions.

In this anxiously awaited release, TRAFIK, this eccentric trio of virtuosic klezmer veterans delivers 30 tracks of musical “contraband”. The pieces are titled with slang from all over the world and across time; e.g. klezmer loshn, the secret language of the klezmorim (east European players of Jewish instrumental music), blatnyak: Russian mob slang and Victorian thieves’ slang, and then grouped into 9 suites with such headings as Roadside Wedding, Seed and Darkmans Daughter.